Would you like to support us by donating material gift or by providing services?

We would be very pleased!

  • Extension of the specialist library - in our library we have books dealing with the hate violence, racism, far right and law. Books are used by the employees of the organization to increase their knowledge and skills, and also by university students. Do you have any books, including foreign language ones, that would fit thematically into our library and that you would not need anymore? Please donate it to us.
  • Graphic design of the materials and printing them - for people at risk of hate violence, our clients and the public, we are preparing information leaflets and other materials dealing with the problem of hate violence. The materials include advice on how to act after hate incident, basic legal advice and contact information of helping organizations. Please help us with the preparation and printing of future materials. We still need many people.
  • Translation - some of our clients are foreigners and in their favor there is a constant need to translate a variety of materials. We could also use help from a volunteer to process annual reports as well as providing reports on the situation of hate violence in the Czech Republic to foreign readers.
  • 2 computers – we are expanding our team of voluntary co-workers. Help us create the appropriate facilities for them.
  • Administrative utensils - paper, toners, envelopes, folders and other stationery equipment we need almost all the time.

If you decide to support us with material gift or service, thank you, we really appreciate your contribution very much. Please contact us here.


Currently our volunteer positions are open only to people with experience of all ages.

  • Psychologist for our clients who have been exposed to hate violence. The scope of work is the regular provision of psychological and psychotherapeutic services to people who were attacked because of their inseparable identity and the experience they need to process accordingly. We are looking for volunteers for short and long-term cooperation. We welcome experience in interethnic psychotherapy.
  • Translators / Interpreters for regular and less regular translating for our clients, annual reports and regular updates to our web page. We are especially interested in English, French and Russian languages and sometimes also Arabic, Mongolian and Vietnamese. It can also be performed as a mandatory practice.
  • Attorney / Lawyer at present we particularly welcome applications from pro bono advocates. Since September 2011 we are preparing to expand the range of our legal counsel by one volunteer – law student.

Should you have interest in any of the abovementioned positions, please contact us here. Thank you!

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Justýna Counselling centre


Call us: +420 212 242 300
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Were you attacked because of:
- your ethnic or national origin
- your religious belief
- your sexual orientation, gender identity
- your affiliation to a social group?

Was the attack in a form of:
- verbal abuse
- property damage
- intimidation, threats or blackmail
- sexual assault
- arson
- physical assault
- homicide?

Don´t keep it to yourself!

Contact Justine, our legal counseling center.

We help you:
- to find your way in post-attack situation
- to file a complaint
- to communicate with police
- to assign a claim for damages
- to look for non-legal ways how to cope with assaults

We accompany you through criminal and administrative proceedings

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