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I am giving my permission to In IUSTITIA, o.s. to process and store all the information listed above, personal data included. Given data will be used in compliance with valid legal regulations according to the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data and the Regulation of the European parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679. Privacy supervision will be conducted by The office for personal data protection, to which you can submit any suggestions or complaints.

Provided personal data will be processed for the purpose of surveying prejudice motivated violence in the Czech Republic. Aforementioned personal and contact details will be kept for a period of two years in the internal electronic database. This database is secured and accessible by authorized personnel only. After this period, data will be discarded. Other attack related information, will be kept anonymously. Attack related information are not transferred to any third party. Personal data are never released publicly. Other attack related details are published through a variety of research reports, which are available on the website In IUSTITIA, or in printed form. These reports do not disclose any information regarding attack notifiers.

This consent can be withdrawn at any time. After the withdrawal, all personal and contact details leading to your identification will be promptly discarded. Other attack related information will be kept anonymously. Withdrawal of your consent can be made via e-mail You have the right to know what personal data are being processed, and you can request their correction. You can request the discarding of your personal data.

We are not allowed to process or to store your personal data, without without your consent. If you want to allow In IUSTITIA access to the information, please check the box. Otherwise, attack information will not be processed.

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Were you attacked because of:
- your ethnic or national origin
- your religious belief
- your sexual orientation, gender identity
- your affiliation to a social group?

Was the attack in a form of:
- verbal abuse
- property damage
- intimidation, threats or blackmail
- sexual assault
- arson
- physical assault
- homicide?

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