Examples of Hate Violence


  • Verbal abuse of the Roma community ending in a request for persons of Roma origin to leave the Czech Republic; proposing a “final solution to the gypsy question”.
  • An attack on a foreigner of a different skin colour, accompanied by verbal abuse derogating the colour of his skin.
  • Arson attacks on Roma homes by supporters of neo-Nazism.
  • The rape of a lesbian woman by a heterosexual man, motivated by his aim to make her “normal”.
  • Punitive expeditions to areas traditionally inhabited by foreigners, accompanied by verbal abuse and incitement to hate, in some cases ending in physical assault.
  • The attack of a Muslim woman whose head was covered as a manifestation of her faith; the head covering was pulled down and the act was accompanied by derogatory comments about the woman’s faith.
  • Burning a homeless man to death; the perpetrator commented on the man’s bad smell and claimed that he is a nuisance to the rest of the world and that it would be better if people like him were all dead.
  • Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries damaged by painted Swastikas or anti-Semitic statements; tombstones knocked down.

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