In IUSTITIA prepared an educational program for elementary schools.

Prague, 1. 10. 2011 - In IUSTITIA prepared a training program to support the themes of multicultural education under the name: “Me and them are us”. The program focuses on working with prejudices, prevention of racism, promoting active citizenship and strengthening the unity in class. The program uses interactive teaching methods and has been created with the use of knowledge from foreign countries - the USA and Germany.

The educational project for 2011 was supported by the Ministry of Education.

Expert team composed of In IUSTITIA employees, a teacher from the Faculty of Education, a school psychologist and an employee of the German organization Kulturbüro Sachsen prepared a thematic unit (6 x 45 min), which is being tested at schools in Prague, Plzen and Usti Region. The target group are the second grade pupils of primary schools and corresponding grades of grammar schools.

The project will bring new topics to schools and the public as well as the opportunities to work on them. The main activity of the thematic unit is to introduce the concept of bystander effect, a phenomenon where multiple witnesses of the situation of emergency are passive. Pupils will have a chance to practice, in a safe environment, the way to behave in a certain conflict situations. The program is lectured by 2 persons (teacher of citizenship education and school psychologist), accompanied by the regular class teacher who may also participate.

The first version of the thematic unit was tested during November 2011 in the following schools: Dr. Edvard Benes Elementary School in Čakovice, Archbishop Grammar School in Prague, Primary School at DDU in Plzen.
Subsequent meeting of the teachers with a team of experts will bring evaluation and proposals of other activities.

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In 2011, In IUSTITIA is working with the elementary school Máchovka in Decin. At this school we are testing a pilot version of the program to work with the prevention of racism, prejudices and the bystander effect.

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