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Legal advice

The main activity of In IUSTITIA is providing legal services to people at risk or exposed to hate violence. Through consultation and legal services, we strive to improve access to justice for the victims. No one should be attacked for whom they are. More here

Monitoring and improving the legislative practices of law enforcement

In IUSTITIA aims not only to address the consequences of hate incidents, but also to prevent them. Therefore, it deals with training of civil servants especially in the area of the protection of public spaces. Part of our efforts are focused on prevention and more appropriate solution of hate incidents, cooperation with government legislation and on optimizing the activities of the responsible authorities in the subject of hate violence. More here

The media play an important part in the field of hate violence and are indispensable in presenting this issue to the general public. In IUSTITIA seeks to increase the attention and sensitivity of the journalists working on the theme of hate incidents and communities at risk. More here

Studies and Analyses

Thanks to its exclusive position of being the only organization specializing particularly in the topic of hate violence, In IUSTITIA had become a partner of numerous many Czech and foreign organizations, to which it is the main source of information about events in the Czech Republic. Experts from In IUSTITIA are providing analyses for international agencies and together with other Czech NGOs, they are fighting against racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance.


Early identification of violence motivated by prejudice or hatred, and the appropriate interpretation of such acts is essential for their prevention and solution. That is why we educate professionals and the general public in the issue of hate violence. We pay great attention to and promote the values of an open democratic society which recognizes that all people are equal in their rights and dignity. More here

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Justýna Counselling centre


Call us: +420 212 242 300
Write to: poradna@in-ius.cz

Were you attacked because of:
- your ethnic or national origin
- your religious belief
- your sexual orientation, gender identity
- your affiliation to a social group?

Was the attack in a form of:
- verbal abuse
- property damage
- intimidation, threats or blackmail
- sexual assault
- arson
- physical assault
- homicide?

Don´t keep it to yourself!

Contact Justine, our legal counseling center.

We help you:
- to find your way in post-attack situation
- to file a complaint
- to communicate with police
- to assign a claim for damages
- to look for non-legal ways how to cope with assaults

We accompany you through criminal and administrative proceedings

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