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In IUSTITIA was established as a legal organization that is the first of its kind in the country dealing specifically with hate violence in all its width. The theme of hate violence brings to public awareness, professional discourse and political debate. The organization consistently promotes the principles of democratic rule of law, including equality of all human beings in dignity and rights. For the benefit of our clients, of victims of hate violence, law applies in judicial and other legal protection.

In IUSTITIA provides legal assistance to specific individuals exposed to hate violence. It focuses on improving their access to justice. At the same time, it is oriented towards the area of criminal, administrative and civil law. It also pays significant attention to the damages incurred as a result of hate violence.

In IUSTITIA aims to protect communities at risk of violent racism and neo-Nazism. It seeks to optimize the practice of public administration in the area of the Freedom of assembly.

In IUSTITIA deals with monitoring legislative activities, analyzes the Czech legal order in the context of community and international law. It submits proposals for amendments to existing legislation in order to improve the status of people at risk of hate violence as well as to facilitate their access to justice and to the appropriate tools of restorative justice.

In IUSTITIA seeks to improve the practices of law enforcement in cases of hate violence, in particular to improve practice in the detection and investigation of hate crimes. Crimes involving the organized hate violence or hate-motivated physical assault should be addressed as a priority and with appropriate diligence.

In IUSTITIA focuses on education and strengthening pro-democratic attitudes of the people. It pays increased attention to youth. For many years the founders of the organization have been publishing about the far-right and hate violence.

In IUSTITIA cooperates with Czech and foreign NGOs. Together, we act against racism and xenophobia in the Czech Republic and Europe.

In IUSTITIA cooperates with the media on a partner basis. Hate violence appears as a whole society problem, which poses a threat to at least ten percent of people living in the Czech Republic.

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Justýna Counselling centre


Call us: +420 212 242 300
Write to: poradna@in-ius.cz

Were you attacked because of:
- your ethnic or national origin
- your religious belief
- your sexual orientation, gender identity
- your affiliation to a social group?

Was the attack in a form of:
- verbal abuse
- property damage
- intimidation, threats or blackmail
- sexual assault
- arson
- physical assault
- homicide?

Don´t keep it to yourself!

Contact Justine, our legal counseling center.

We help you:
- to find your way in post-attack situation
- to file a complaint
- to communicate with police
- to assign a claim for damages
- to look for non-legal ways how to cope with assaults

We accompany you through criminal and administrative proceedings

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