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    Justýna Counselling centre


    Fill in: ONLINE FORM
    Call us: +420 212 242 300
    Write to:

    Were you attacked because of:
    - your ethnic or national origin
    - your religious belief
    - your sexual orientation, gender identity
    - your affiliation to a social group?

    Was the attack in a form of:
    - verbal abuse
    - property damage
    - intimidation, threats or blackmail
    - sexual assault
    - arson
    - physical assault
    - homicide?

    Don´t keep it to yourself!

    Contact Justine, our legal counseling center.

    We help you:
    - to find your way in post-attack situation
    - to file a complaint
    - to communicate with police
    - to assign a claim for damages
    - to look for non-legal ways how to cope with assaults

    We accompany you through criminal and administrative proceedings

    Česky / English