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Klára Kalibová, the director of In IUSTITIA, and Šárka Kadlecová, educational programmes co-ordinator, appeared on Czech television’s show Sama doma on Wednesday 26th February 2014.

We introduced the topic of hate violence. We gave explanation of the term, provided description of its forms and listed the social groups at risk. We also answered questions regarding the function of Justýna counselling centre and the specifics of criminal proceedings in cases of hate crimes. You can watch the replay in Czech online.

Date: 27.02.2014

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Were you attacked because of:
- your ethnic or national origin
- your religious belief
- your sexual orientation, gender identity
- your affiliation to a social group?

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- verbal abuse
- property damage
- intimidation, threats or blackmail
- sexual assault
- arson
- physical assault
- homicide?

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